Chapter 18 – My Eternal Home

I woke up this morning and dozed back to sleep. We all know how that is, don’t we?

Well, as I dozed off, I wound up having personal, private time with God as I work at doing each and every morning. But this was different and I was loving every minute of it. I finally woke up for the day around 8:30am but, oh, how glorious those early morning hours were.

I remember being at His throne, on my knees in front of Him. Looking up at His glorious being, I remember seeing His arms reaching out to me. There were visions more recently in the past where I remember seeing Him with His arms outreached to me. And I ran to Him immediately. I felt His warm arms around me, giving me the biggest and warmest and most loving bear hug I had ever had. As I was encountering this wonderful experience, I remember crying during the whole experience. Tears of joy and of love. I have never felt anything like it ever before.

But this morning was a different vision. I found myself standing in front of a piece of property. I was told that it was a 10 acre parcel, just like I had desired all my life for an animal business I had always wanted. I looked and there, in front of me, was an all-brick ranch staring me in the face. This was always the type of home I had always wanted. I was told to go on inside and take a peek. I opened the front door to a front entranceway in the form of a hallway. Off to the right was a separate dining room with a beautiful cherry wood dining room table and hutch completing the scene. And to the left was the living room, both with beautiful windows allowing the beautiful sunshine in. As I walked further into the home, I saw two more rooms, both located behind the living and dining rooms, appropriately. The kitchen was behind the living room and the rec/great room was behind the dining room. A bit different than most layouts as the kitchen would usually be an extension to the dining room by adjoining to one another.

That’s all I remember seeing. I didn’t see where the bedroom(s) were but I do remember seeing a utility/laundry room off of the kitchen. And, as I walked towards the back of the kitchen, I was able to look out the windows to the back yard which went back for miles, being that the home was sitting on a 10 acre parcel.

Then I saw it! Horses, goats, chickens, peacocks, and, of course, my own beloved dogs that I loved and cared for. Everything you could imagine that would be found on a 10 acre farm. I loved what I was seeing. I was so excited I could feel my heart skipping a beat.

Then, when I left through the front door, I heard God tell me that this was my place, my eternal home. I couldn’t believe it.


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