Chapter 19 – God is All That Matters

I am a different person. I’ve been changed.  It’s like I laid my heart out on the table over the last three days and have been changed because of it.  I opened myself up to God and I revealed some of the deepest, most sincere parts of my heart.  Not only did I reveal these things, but I also accounted for them and declared them as my own, documenting them to God as I wrote.

I realized that by doing this over the last three days, I literally removed them from my shoulders. That baggage is gone now.  I’ve owned up to things and turned to God as I did that.  Then God stepped in, as He always does, and, with a loving smile on His face, removed them completely and forever from my shoulders.

Since it was over three days, it was a very slow but very progressive lightness that ensued.  Just a small amount was removed initially but yet enough to make me continue on in these actions for the following day with more of the weight and burden removed.  It wasn’t until I had been consistent with my actions of studying the Word and receiving the much needed Spiritual Food available to me through God’s Holy Word through three days and sweet slumber at night that, when I awoke on the fourth day did I realize how different I felt.  Lighter and confident in a way I had not known in some time.  As I pondered over this sensation this morning, I realized that it was all due to my commitment to be in the Word of God every morning which wound up extending throughout the entire day.  I couldn’t believe that, by the end of the day on each of these three days, I had done nothing but spend time with God. I would read my devotions in the morning, comment on them with my devotion buds and then be propelled in such a way to continue on with my studies in a way I have never known before.

It was the kind of thing that I want more of.  I didn’t want the day to end.  I didn’t want to retire for the day.  All I wanted to do was be in the Word with God, have private conversations with Him, pray in silence to Him, and do nothing but talk to Him all day and all night.

I’ve never been so moved in a way such as this.  I want more of this.  I am excited about the future days where I will do the very same thing with the Lord.

As today went by, I continued on with my readings and comments to my devotion buds. Things were different than they were before these past three days. I knew this and I also knew that this must continue on in a perpetual manner until the day I die.  NOTHING is more important than this. I’m content with anything that happens to me or in my life from now on. Only God, only God.  God is in control as it should be, not me.  God is all that matters.  And, if studying God’s Word is what it takes to continue to feel this way, then I intend to continue to do the very same thing every day from here on end.


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