Chapter 3 – Womens Brunch

I was on my way to one of the first women’s ministry monthly luncheons I had attended.

I only had attended a few before and now their location had changed this month to a new facility in a new location. While I was driving on my way to get  there, I realized that I needed to get gas for my car. Well, I don’t know if you’re anything like me but when the gauge gets to the “E” and the light comes on and you know there’s no gas stations around for a while, I PANIC! But I had been studying my Bible and I had been getting some good, reliable, sound words from fellow Christians. I thought, “Well, this is as good a time as ever to test these waters”.

I found myself praying out loud in my car, just matter of factly talking to God about my little situation going on at the moment. I said, “Well God, you know what I need and you know, as well as me, that there are no gas stations coming up for a while. PLEASE help me get to a gas station and fill up before I run out of gas!” That was it.

Then I continued to panic the rest of the way to the luncheon.  I tried so hard not to look at the gas gauge but I found my eyes constantly learing down at that gauge that just kept telling me, “the light is on and you’re not going to make it!” But somehow, somewhere, despite hearing from the enemy the words above, I began to hear another more pleasant, calm and serene voice telling me, “don’t worry, you’ll be fine”. And I immediately found myself calming down to a very peaceful state.  All I had to do was listen and believe the right voice.

It occurred to me right then and there that I had been listening to the wrong voices throughout my life!  And, yes, I did make it to the gas station and sighed a huge sigh of relief. I thanked God and thanked Him and thanked Him over and over and over again. So I had had my very first revelation from God. Revelation nothing! This was a miracle as far as I was concerned. I had no gas and God got me to the gas station and I was able to get the needed gas.

I had the biggest smile on my face when I actually realized just what I had actually experienced here! I began to drive on to my brunch destination when my focus went from the music I was listening to on my radio to hearing a voice in my head.  It took that voice a number of times to get my attention but when it did I heard it say, “write a book”. I thought I was hearing things. It sounded as if that voice was coming from someone within the car itself. But I knew that couldn’t be. 

Then it dawned on me that it was the Holy Spirit talking to me. Talking, talking and talking until He got my attention. He didn’t give up!  That point of writing a book was not going to fall on deaf ears.  He was going to make sure that I heard it and that it effected me in such a way that I now knew it was a message directly from God.  Problem was I didn’t know what to do with that information!  

I couldn’t believe God wanted ME to write a book. I started asking myself, “How can I possibly write a book? I don’t know the first thing about it!”

Now please remember that, at this time, I was really green around the gills with my new-found walk with God. I was having difficulty comprehending everything that was going on during my drive to the ministry brunch.

And to top it all off, I’m now realizing that I can’t find the new location. Not only did I nearly run out of gas but now I can’t find the location.  I left the house in plenty of time to get to the brunch early and yet I was still trying to find the location of the luncheon. 

Then, as I continued on my way to the luncheon, I had yet another visit from the enemy. This time the enemy had confused me as to where this new location was for the luncheon. I heard, “It’s not worth your while to keep on looking for this place. You might as well turn around and go home because you’re already too late to be a part of it.” Now I knew that I had to get to this luncheon. 

I arrived over two hours late, but I arrived.  It was quite obvious that whatever was going to take place at this luncheon was something that the devil did not want me to partake in. That made me more determined than ever to get there.  It was only minutes after that I actually found the location and attended the brunch …. late, but present. 

It amazes me now, as I think back to that time, how hard the enemy worked at leading me away from what he knew was only going to bring me closer to God.



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