Chapter 15 – One Thing At A Time

Months ago, I now recollect how God had told me, “one thing at a time”.  I was beside myself with all that was happening in my life and how badly I needed God and His Divine Intervention.  But I heard Him tell me this and I understood and accepted it.  I had so many things needing to be rectified, needing to be done, needing to be tended to that I was overwhelmed with what to do first and how I was even going to accomplish and complete it all.

First off, we had fallen behind in paying our property taxes and we didn’t have the money to get us out from under this financial obligation.

Secondly I had let the housework go and had become very, very lazy since my husband retired many years ago.  His ways in which he enjoyed his retirement had rubbed off of me instead of me holding true to my daily routines and schedules.

Thirdly, I had let myself go physically and realized just how fat and unhealthy I had become.  I was eating all the wrong foods and they had finally done their damage to my body, my health and my physical fitness.

Fourthly, and probably most importantly, I had fallen away from God and from writing this book He needs me to write.

Fifthly, I felt a strong need to continue to bring in income from a job.  My real estate business had faltered to almost nothing as my husband had never cared for the business and his thoughts regarding what I did for a living were finally starting to have their effects on me.  But I still felt a strong need to continue to work and, if it wasn’t going to be real estate, I had to find something else to do to bring in the money to live off of.  

There were many other matters of concern but these were the primary ones that I was centering all my time and concern on.

Well, it was because of all this cloudiness and murkiness about all I had to be concerned with in my present life that God made a point of reaching out to me to tell me to stop, take a breath and relax.  He told me in quiet and private prayer that I needed to realize that He is taking care of all of this but ONE STEP AT A TIME …. ONE THING AT A TIME. 

Once I heard that, I said, “ok, God …. in your time and according to your ways, I accept what you have advised me of”. 

Then as the days went by, I would just keep reminding myself of this insight He gave me.  Every time things started to get out of control, I would take a breath, close my eyes (wherever I was) and remember what He had said to me, “ONE STEP AT A TIME …. ONE THING AT A TIME”. 

Then, once I had that thought firmly planted in my head, I would begin to pray to Him asking for guidance and insight into what it was He wanted me to do.  I remember one thing in particular.  It had to do with the property back taxes payment that was due that we couldn’t pay.  I remember Him telling me to call this one particular man that I had met so many years ago at a continuing education class I had gone to and had kept his card and his paperwork. 

I truly didn’t think we stood a chance in getting any results from him for what we needed, given our present circumstances.  But, in obedience to God, I found myself calling this man and leaving him a message.  He called back and we talked.  I explained our situation and was wondering if he thought there might be any way he could help us.  He said he would give it further thought and get back to us.  Well, I thought that this was the end of that.  I’d never hear from him again. 

All this I remember saying in prayer to God as well.  But in the very last part of those prayers, I remember mentioning to God directly that even though I didn’t think there was a chance for any of this to come full circle for what we needed, I laid it all in His hands and that whatever happened happened.  I remember saying “I believe in you (God) and will accept anything that comes from these actions”.  I remember placing it in His hands and believing Him for what only He could do.  I gave Him complete control over this situation that I had no answers or solutions to.  I knew He was the best person to entrust it to so I laid it all at His feet asking Him to take it all and do with it what He may on my behalf and I remembered to NOT TAKE THIS CONCERN BACK AGAIN.  Leave it in God’s hands and trust that He will tend to this matter (“Let Go, Let God” …. “the battles are mine saith the Lord, the victories are yours”).

Imagine the surprise when I got a call hours later from this very man I discussed our situation with.  He told me that he thought he could help us. This was ALL GOD, nothing but ALL GOD and God had intervened on our behalf and saw this come full circle with the needed solution to our situation.  And, as instructed, God is getting all the praise, all the honor, and all the glory for having intervened on our part.  We couldn’t have done any of this without Him.  

So when you think there is no way out or there is no resolution to what you’re going through or are involved with, remember to give it over to God in earnest prayer and belief and walk away from it BELIEVING that it will be tended to and rectified because it will (“Let Go, Let God” and believe that this is true).

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