Chapter 21 – Blessings

After writing Chapter 20, I added it to the book’s entries and then, within 24 hours, I removed it from the book’s entries. I was just very uncomfortable about sharing what I did with all of you. I just didn’t think that God wanted me to bring you all down by writing about all my trials, tribulations, tests and persecutions. And, in fact, I didn’t mention all I have recently gone through but enough to make anyone decide to not continue reading this book. Which is why I removed it. And, ever since I removed it early this morning, I have had something gnawing at me all day and night. I can only believe that it was God telling me to put that entry back into His book, so I did.

Hours after being advised to reinput that chapter, I have had a non-stop urge to write about what good came from this day. You know, “something good is going to happen to me today”. Well I kept saying that yesterday when I was a wreck and wound up writing all about what wasn’t going right in my life. Now I’m being shoved, gently and lovingly, to write about what did happen today. So here I am.

Husband had to get platelet transfusion this morning so he could be able to have the needed bone marrow scan doctor has been so anxious to do on him to check his progress or lack thereof. While he was having his transfusion, I used the time to pray as I do every morning. Nothing really popped out at me through my devotions or studies so I continued on with the needed work for the day. I accomplished much. I got up to speed with the insurance company regarding the tree that got hit by lightning about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I checked in to see if I could come back to my old job after having had to take a leave of absence due to my mother-in-law’s condition and eventually death two months later to the day, and I continued with my efforts to arrange for a return shipment of materials to go back to their destination and, might I say, successfully accomplished it.

Then I took a shower and prepared for the afternoon ahead of me. I would be with my husband as he had his bone marrow scan done. And, while he was involved with that, I decided to walk down the hall to a quiet place to pray and to read. Now here’s where the laughable day starts for me.  It wasn’t until I was getting ready to go back to the doctor office to meet husband there and go home that I realized I couldn’t find my keys.  Naturally, I panicked as I always do at those times cuz I could only visualize having left them in the car’s ignition once again and we’d be stranded until getting further help.  Well, it could always be worse.  As it turns out, I got the gumption up and asked the front desk staff if they had seen a set of keys and, lo and behold, they had them.  Talk about relief.  I hate myself when I do things like that but it was very obvious how “pre-occupied” I was and had been over the last few weeks with everything going on.  That catastrophe aside, I began to start reading my book again, while waiting for my husband to complete his test.  When he finally came out and was ready to go home, I grabbed everything and began to leave the office only to have another patient tell me I had left my eyeglasses behind.  I ran back to get them with a huge smile on my face …. something I hadn’t possessed for a very long time, looked up at him and said, “it’s not too obvious how stressed I am, is it”?  They laughed and so did I and away I went.

While on the way home, I received a phone call from the doctor’s office saying that we had been approved for further financial assistance.  Definitely a blessing from God.  Then when I heard all that was included with this assistance, I knew it could only be God blessing us as only He can.  The balance we owed the doctor’s office that covered all visits, tests and treatments since 12/9/16 had been completely written off and forgiven, a 100% discount they told me.  In the same breath she told me that the Lymphoma and Leukemia Foundation had also agreed to help out by furnishing assistance through the end of 2017 (December 31, 2017).  This helps with all the needed shots I have to administer at home as well as the needed doctor co-pays.  I have to tell you that this can only be the Hands of God all over our lives right now.  And, in hindsight, I’m not sure if I ever wrote here about a number of other times where anonymous donors stepped up to help us out.  One gave us a gift card to help pay for the upfront monies needed by our insurance company for the shots my husband needed that had to be paid UPFRONT before we could get the shots.  Nothing like being held captive for payment before my husband could get the needed medicine to help him with his condition.  Then there was another time where a former patient agreed to give us the shots she had left over from her treatments.  And then there was the grueling time when the actual “on-site pharmacy” for this doctor’s office literally stepped in and dealt with all the frustrations and difficulties we were having in arranging for delivery and shipment of my husband’s needed medicines.  I tell you this girl was a gift from God in herself as she never quit or gave up on this ordeal until it was completed with successful satisfaction.

And here’s one more thing that I found absolutely mind-boggling.  This particular bone marrow scan today paled in comparison to the first one he had with the degree of pain and uncomfortableness he felt.  First time around, he was in and out in 15 minutes and he felt every part of it but took it all as the trooper he is.  Today’s scan was like night and day to that first one he had months ago.  This new doctor made sure my husband was numbed up enough to proceed ahead with the scan.  And, throughout the whole process, the doctor kept asking him how he was doing and wanted to know how much pain he was experiencing.  Being honest when asked, he would tell the doctor the level of pain and the doctor would apply more pain killing medicine if needed.  Because of this extra care and time, my husband came away from this scan today with a much better outlook on having to take the scan at all.  What took our first doctor 15 minutes to complete, took this second doctor close to an hour to complete as he made sure that my husband was not in pain throughout the whole procedure.  God was with my husband through the whole scan and, though it may not have been a pleasant test to go through, it was much more doable this time around.

So I have to tell you that there still are good people out there EVERYWHERE.  You’ll run into them when you least expect it and you’ll wind up being a recipient of random act of kindness that you will know can only have come from God Himself.  A good way to guarantee that these things happen in your life is to always remember to be a blessing to others and you will receive blessings for having done so.

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