Chapter 2 – God Said, “Write A Book”

This “write a book” directive from God was still hanging in the balance of my mind. I just couldn’t grasp the idea of actually being successful at writing a book, especially one that God wanted me to write. You have to realize that I was still a very new Christian and that this was really blowing my mind.  I accepted the fact that God wanted me to write a book. I just didn’t know how I was going to do it.

I was excited at first about the concept and about the fact that I might be able to earn an income doing this. But that was totally erased from my memory within moments. As I questioned myself about how I could possibly write a book for God and about God, I was given the title of the book!  Now I know that, no matter what else may happen to me in my life here on earth, I need to accomplish this task in obedience to God.

I figured if I’ve been given the title for the book already, I guess I better start writing it. Then I started thinking well what am I going to write about? “Well”, I thought, “I’ve got all these years of journal entries.  Maybe I can just rewrite them into a book format and then I’ll have a book”. Well that’s what I began to do. Only I began to do it with a fresh start just as the idea to write a book hit me!

I began to not only write in my journal every morning and night but I also began to input my entries into my computer as they entered my head. Then I expanded my journals and had a separate prayer journal, a daily journal and an inspirational journal.

I was learning how to live by what I was reading. I found myself needing to separate various passages, prayers, and inspiring thoughts in different notebooks so I could refer to them quickly as I needed them.

Passages from the Bible were coming ALIVE for me with my needed solutions and answers.  I needed to document them, in written form, so I could easily refer to them as needed. I spent hours upon hours reading the Bible, studying the Bible and reflecting on what I had just learned or read.  This is not something everyone needs to do …. I just had the time and the opportunity to do this.  Any time you can spend with God is more than enough time. 

The more time I devoted to my studies, meditations, and my Bible readings, the more I found I was growing in my personal walk with Christ.  This was the spiritual food I had heard so much about, and is just as important, if not more important, than having regular meals daily throughout your life.

It’s been a long, long time now since I first heard the voice telling me to “write a book”. I’ve got plenty of content for the book. I’ve been keeping my journal on my computer, in date order, and gave thought to possibly having this be the book for God. Easy enough to do and all I’d have to do is tweak it a bit to better the flow of the content.

Well, that would have worked very well …. had my computer not crashed. I mean totally crashed. Everything was gone! I was heartbroken!

“Well”, I thought, “there goes the book. There’s no way that I could possibly be obedient to God and write the book He needs me to now. I’ve lost everything”. I was devastated about the whole ordeal. And I couldn’t quit thinking about it. I just kept going over it in my mind about how I had lost everything I had collected for this book. I felt awful about not being able to follow through with God’s call for me to get this book written. That’s what I get for not having backed the documents up at any time.

But, I’ve got to tell you … it couldn’t have been a better blessing from God. A few days later, as I was contemplating how I had lost everything that I needed to complete this task for God, I  remembered having heard that if God is after you, He will not stop pursuing you until He gets you. Well, that is exactly what happened to me.  

Out of nowhere, when I wasn’t even thinking about the book and actually had my mind on other matters, an idea came to me that I could rely on my memory to give me what I needed to complete the book. “Well”, I thought, “that could work”. So here I am trying to recollect all that I can remember about the book writing scenario and I’m trying to put it all down for you in black and white. It’s amazing how fast my fingers were writing for me. Even now, I’m flying through these chapters. Then I realized, that these are God’s hands writing this book, not mine.

How amazing is that? I am always so awestruck with what He does in my life, to my life and to me! He is such a good God! I love Him sooooooooo much!

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