Chapter 4 – Surrendering

Surrendering is so difficult for many of us. We know we have to do it. We know it’s part of what God wants from us. But it is so difficult to bring ourselves, in this world, to do something like surrendering. We’re so afraid of letting go of what we have worked so hard to get. We’re just not ready or willing to let go of everything we still feel is so important to us in this world.

Yet, hard as it may be to do this, it is the most freeing act anyone could ever do. Not only does it free you from your control issues, but it also gives you so much more in your life that you never took the time to realize you were missing.

You get such an inner peace when you finally make the decision to “Let Go, Let God”.  Things won’t all fall into place for you once you surrender ALL to God. You’ll need to learn that God is in control …. not you and, because of this, you must learn and work on surrendering yourself completely to Him. You’ll have to make an honest effort each time you surrender to Him until it becomes your second nature to do so. You need to know that you need to let God “rule”.

It’s scary, I know, to let go of that control you’ve had for so long. But I have to tell you, from personal experience, that once you release this, once you allow yourself to let go of it, and give it over into the arms of God, you will feel like a totally new creation with a new life to pursue. NOTHING will concern you, upset you, or bother you any longer. In its place, you’ll find that you have a more peaceful, relaxed and at ease sensation. You’ll find that nothing will “get to you” any longer. What a great feeling. I can assure you that if you work at it, with God’s help, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. How would you feel if  everything on your shoulders, day in and day out, just disappeared and was gone? Can you imagine this? That’s the sensation you’ll feel once you are totally surrendered to God.

You’ve been carrying the world around on your shoulders and you’ve done the best you can in every situation. Think of the freedom and the peace you’ll have when it’s all gone. What a load off your shoulders! Imagine yourself walking on air! That’s what it will feel like.  And you’ll think that something is wrong with the way you feel. But there is absolutely nothing wrong with it at all. God never intended for you to carry such a heavy burden.  It’s not your job to carry the world on your shoulders. It’s not even your job to be concerned over matters of the world. That’s God’s job …. if you’ll surrender it and give it over to Him.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t go through trials and tribulations. It does mean that you won’t go through them alone any longer. God will be there with you, right by your side, never leaving you throughout the ordeal. It’s a great experience you’ll go through. And, once you go through it, you won’t want it to end. The peace that you will have is unexplainable. All you’ll know is that you won’t want it to ever end. And God doesn’t mean for it to end. You’ll have to work at sustaining it by remembering to surrender all to God at all times.

This will not be an easy feat since we all have become so accustomed to the ways of the world. But remember, we are not of this world. You are a child of God and your world is yet to come. We all have to live through our lives here on earth and we all know that we have something better waiting for us when we reach heaven.

Like I said, it will be scary to release this control over to God the first time but ask God to help you do this. He will. Now I’m not saying that this is going to all happen quickly or automatically. And God may not answer your prayers right away, but don’t quit. Never quit.

God has a plan for you and this plan will take form according to His will for you. In due time, these efforts will become more and more painless and will require less and less conscious thought on your part.

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