Chapter 6 – Personal Wake Up Call

Well, this chapter is all about God actually calling out to me personally.

You know how all of us are never awake completely as we first arise for a new day. Well when I was still a bit droggy, eyes still trying to open, I heard a wake up call … not just one day in a row but two days in row.

Upon rising the first day, my wake up call had the voice of my husband as if he were standing in the doorway to the bedroom. All I heard was his voice saying “good morning”. I looked up and no one was there. I thought it odd that I heard his voice so explicitly that it couldn’t be anything but him standing there waking me up. But, in retrospect, my husband has never woken me up in this fashion. In fact, he is always in the living room in the morning listening to the news on TV. So, once I got my bearings, I knew it couldn’t have been him at all. Then, as I became more and more alert for the day, I realized that it was the voice of God that had woken up …. using the voice of my husband to do it.

I smiled to myself as I knew that this is what happened. Funny thing, there have been so many activities where I find myself looking up to heaven knowing full well that He is smiling down on me. Sometimes I even make Him laugh at the ways in which I do things. Do you have any idea how wonderful a feeling it is to know that God is smiling and laughing at you as you do something that amuses Him? I actually make God laugh! How great is that? My little antics and simple ways of doing things and He get amused by it all. Then, of course, I find myself smiling from ear to ear as well. I stop, look up to heaven and acknowledge that I am aware of Him laughing at me. He, of course, smiles back as well. There is nothing like having a personal relationship with the One who created you to make you feel that you can conquer the world. I love those moments, each and every time they occur.

I mentioned a second time that I had been wakened. Well, on the second day, I remember hearing my dog talking to me from the side of the bed. I say talking to me because she does just that. We are able to communicate with one another and she is constantly yakking at me. This was just another instance where she was trying to get my attention. She will talk to me until she gets my attention. This morning was no different from any of the other mornings except that she was nowhere to be seen. She was in the other room with my husband and was not talking to me. But the hearing her talk to me was definitely a real thing. She was talking to me, helping me to wake up. Then when I got my bearings, I realized, again, that it was God having some fun with me. It was God using my dog’s voice to wake me up. Well, I was smiling again and I knew He was smiling at me as well. It gives me such joy to know that little things like this make Him so happy with me and they also help me wake up in the most positive way one could ever wake up.

It happened again this morning. This time God used my husband’s cell phone ring to wake me out of a dead sleep. When I confronted my husband about it, he said, “No, my phone didn’t go off”. So being that that was true, it could only have been God waking me after having slept a good and restful eight hours which I have been working on implementing in my life for some time now. With working on my websites for so may days and weeks, non-stop, it wasn’t uncommon for me to retire late at night and then sleep in the following morning. I have been wanting to get back to the healthier 8 hours of sleep per night by retiring no later than 10:30pm and waking no later than 7:00am. This has been an ongoing battle for me as I have developed my old childhood habit of sleeping in every morning. But last night and this morning was different. I was in bed by 10:30pm, after having read a devotional by Chuck Swindoll and I was up by 6:00am, thanks to God using the sound of my husband’s cell phone’s ring tone.

I know I’m amusing God now. He takes such delight in seeing my reactions to His ways of waking me up lately. And yes, I too, am smirking and smiling to myself at the realization of what He’s doing. He’s having fun with me again and I’m loving it. It’s a great feeling to know that He’s back with me again and that he delights in making me happy.

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