Chapter 5 – Trusting In The Lord

I learned the true meaning of “trusting in the Lord for all things” when my husband was hospitalized a few years back for a poor circulation problem he had in his leg. He lived in pain for over a year and hid it for close to 6 months.  When he finally went for tests, the doctor would not let him leave the hospital.

He was admitted and it was suggested that he have by-pass surgery to help open up the veins that had quit working. During his stay in the hospital, as they were performing a number of tests on him, I would stay in the room while they carted him off for tests.

I sat there alone and studied my Bible. I asked God to show me where I needed to read in His Holy Book and He always led me to the passages I needed to read.

They were all about “trusting in the Lord”. I stopped and paused from my reading, looked up to the heavens and said, “Alright Lord, you’re in control. This I know. Now I need to learn how to trust you through this ordeal with my husband”.

I continued to read and study.  I prayed every time I found myself alone in my husband’s room and asked God to be with my husband as he went through another battery of tests.  I  asked God to take care of him and to heal him as only He, the Great Physician, could.

I knew this was a serious matter and I knew that only God could help us with it. My husband puts medical treatments off indefinitely so I knew that this could only be successfully handled by God Himself, through His divine intervention.

Before my husband’s hospital stay was through, I had learned how to trust in the Lord and in the Lord alone for this situation. I knew my answers needed to come from God and God alone. Every morning as I left to visit my husband at the hospital, I would get in my car and begin praying out loud to God saying,

“I trust you Lord. I trust you to know what to do in this situation with Bob’s poor circulation. I know you can heal him if you want to and I’m asking you right here and right now to please intervene on my behalf for him. I can not do anything about this situation. But I know that all things are possible with you, so I am trusting you, God, to tend to this need of mine. I’m asking you to hear my prayer and I’m asking you to help me to be strong for him. Please be with me through this as I know you will. Thank you for hearing my prayer. I trust you, Lord, completely”.

I remember this as if it were yesterday. I remember praying that prayer more than once while my husband was in the hospital. I remember walking down the hallway to a quieter place on the floor and sitting down in prayer to Him. I asked Him for guidance as to what we should do and how we should proceed. 

I remember it being the first day of a snow storm and coming home from his first day in the hospital to see my neighbor snowblowing his driveway. I stopped to say that my husband was in the hospital and my neighbor began to talk to me about an alternative method of treatment he knew that we might want to consider.

I heard him out and thanked him and went into the house for the night. I remember spending a good portion of that night searching the internet for more information about this alternative method of treatment for my husband’s condition. I  printed it all up that night and presented it to my husband the next day at the hospital.

After a number of discussions, and seeing how things were progressing in the hospital, we both decided to look into the alternative method of treatment our neighbor had mentioned to me. I went home that night and searched again on the internet to find out more about it.

I found a few physicians I could call to gather additional information about it. Upon returning to my husband’s hospital room, we talked about it again. When he left for testing again, I went and made some calls pertaining to it. We found someone in the area we could go to and have a consultation with.

Procedures at the hospital went drastically sour and I informed our doctor that my husband was leaving against medical advice. After we were back home, we began to move ahead with the alternative method we decided to pursue for the continued treatment of his condition. It took weekly trips to the doctor and a lot of our own personal money to have him go through these treatments but it was well worth it.

My husband was back playing golf and, dare I say it, “in the swing” of his life again. He never felt better and his leg problem had been completely healed. To this day, it has never recurred.

If he had had the bypass surgery they were recommending at the hospital, we would have been lucky if the treatment would have lasted 3 to 5 years.

I can honestly say that we have passed that timeframe substantially with no recurring symptoms of his poor circulation condition. I knew this entire scenario was all due to God’s  intervention into my husband’s life during this time. I thanked God then and still do to this day.  

When you let God do what God knows how to do and leave it in His most capable hands, you know that all things will work out. I remember saying “this too in time will pass” as we went through this time in our life and it did …. with God’s blessing. I thank God constantly for having shown me the true meaning of trust and trusting in the Lord during this time in my life. 

I learned all about “trust” during my husband’s stay in the hospital. I have never regretted learning this and have only grown in my knowledge and my trust in Him. We only need to obey Him, trust Him, have faith in Him and believe in Him. These are minimal  requirements He asks of us compared to what He did for us when He died on the cross.

Can you possibly imagine what that must have been like or felt? Nails in your hands and feet, hanging for hours with your arms outstreched, having no relief from this position for hours and, eventually, having nothing left in your life to sustain you. What, on this earth, could ever possibly come close to or compare to, in any way, the pain, anguish, and suffering He encountered?

Again, I say it’s minimal what is asked of us compared to what our God’s only begotten Son went through for us, His children. I know now that there is nothing in or on this earth that will ever be able to compare to our Lord’s suffering for us. It makes me realize that we are not of this world. We are of another world that is yet to come. I found that if I can continue to remember this when I wind up in an aggravated state, that I can get through anything now.


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