Chapter 14 – Bright Light

I had a reoccurrence of something that happened to me some time ago.  I didn’t put too much emphasis on it the first time it happened but when it repeated itself last night, I knew that I had to document it and take note of it.  

I was sound asleep after having watched a full day of NFL football on TV. But something woke me up from that dead sleep.  In retrospect, I knew it was God that had awakened me and you will soon learn why.

Because I was awake, I decided to get up and tend to some matters.  As I walked out of our dark, pitch-black bedroom, I found my way to the hallway.  As I was standing there, I looked ahead down the hallway to the living room and saw a light coming from the dining room area which was the adjoining room to the living room.  Everything was pitch black except for this light of some sort that seemed to be streaming from our dining room area.  My husband works on his laptop as he sits at the dining room table so I thought that perhaps he had left his computer on and that this light I was seeing was from his computer’s display. It was a very puzzling thing to see in the middle of the night but I just accounted it as having left the laptop computer on before he retired so I went about my business elsewhere in the house.  I came back to the area I originally saw the light from but now it was gone.  It was just a small, box-like area that was displaying this LEG type light effect.  It was coming from what appeared to be the closest chair to the living room and then radiated off from there into the living room.  

But, as I said, when I came back to retrieve my steps back to the bedroom, that lighting effect was gone and I was now, once again, standing in a pitch-black house.

That’s all that happened and I could not delve into this occurrence any further.  

I can only believe that this was a God-sent experience and that it happened for a reason.  What that reason is, I do not know.  At least I do not know YET.  But I know my God.  And when the time is right for me to know what these two experiences were given to me for, He will let me know.  But for now, I am completely in the dark about them.  It is not up to me to know the whys or the wherefores regarding these incidences.  I am only meant to know that God woke me up to witness these occurrences both times and that He had a reason for having had it done and done in the way in which He did it.  

I will wait patiently for further guidance and instruction from my God regarding these and will report and document any further knowledge on these when God makes it available to me.  

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