Chapter 16 – Spokesman of God

I have begun to work at starting and ending my days in prayer and quiet conversation with the Lord and can only believe that this will become second nature to me in a few weeks.  It will be something I can’t do without and will feel empty if I wind up missing my times with God.  Almost like what we used to feel like if we left our wrist watches (remember them?) at home.  

I woke up and instantly got on my knees in prayer, then picked up my devotionals and read them, and then turned to the Bible to continue my studies, meditations and private time with God.

I remember asking God to open my Bible to where He needed me to be.  As I opened my Bible, it opened up to the very beginning of the Book of Jeremiah, where God speaks to Jeremiah as being a “spokesman of God”. 

I began my studies and could see how this storyline could be written about today’s present world.  After having just experienced the sad news of three terrorist attacks in three different locations in Paris, France, I realized that what I was reading was all about God’s warnings of what He was planning to do to His children and the nations that had disobeyed Him.  All I could think of was how it was time for all of us to repent, reflect on our lives and begin to change them according to the ways of God before it was too late.

I remember trying to talk to my husband on what I had read and how these recent disasters, damage and tragedies were God’s way of telling us we need to repent and change in a way that includes God and His ways over our ways and the ways of the world.  But it fell on deaf ears.  All he could tell me was that I’d better watch what I say and to whom I say it to as they won’t look kindly on these words.  Well that kind of set me off when I heard him talk like that about what I was trying to relay to him about God’s ways and God’s warnings. 

It bothered me all day and I remember as I woke up the following morning, I immediately went to my devotions and studies and then attacked my Bible studies for the day.  Continuing on in Jeremiah, there was further talk from God about what to expect and what God was planning to do to all of us and all our nations due to our disobedience. 

I remember pausing mid-way through what I was reading and going into silent, private prayer with Him.  I asked God for clarification as to my interpretation of what I was reading and if what I understood it to mean was correct.  He instantly answered me with a  resounding “yes”.  So then I proceeded. 

I told Him that I was concerned at the response I had gotten from my husband when I tried to relay what I thought I had read and interpreted from my readings in Jeremiah.  I asked Him to help me understand what I had gone through and if it was His intent for me to continue to try and break through to my husband or was it up to someone else to help him understand His ways.  I told Him that I felt that I should just give up, shut up and not talk to him any further about anything that is brought to my attention through my studies of God and His Holy Word.  Was I trying to reach the wrong people and should I be going elsewhere to reach out to others and get through to them or what? 

All I heard was God saying to me, “I’ll handle it” and “I will guide you and show you the way”.  Once I heard His answers, I continued on in my studies of His Holy Word.

The whole reason for writing all this was to make sure I wrote about how today’s activities went down from the moment I woke up to the time I retired for the day.

After having my time first and foremost with my God and Father, I remember beginning my day by checking my email and then getting into my fantasy football leagues and fixing them for the week.  I belong to three of them so I tend to spend a lot of time playing around with the needed rosters and their changes and finding out who was available for me to pick up for the upcoming weekend of football fun.

Then after doing that, I said goodbye to my husband who was off to see his mom and do his weekly grocery shopping for her.  Once he left the house, I began to get myself ready for the bank appointment I had to open up a new banking account with a local bank.  I had been studying, reviewing and determining where I would open this account and with what bank.  I had saved a few of my last income checks received from my real estate business and had set it aside to use for my new-found interest in the stock market, which I have now been tracking and studying for almost 3 months.

I remember talking to God a while back telling Him that He was my partner in my fantasy football leagues and that He was also my partner in my investments, as He is my partner in ALL things.  Because of this, I told Him it was up to Him as to where I would open an account and which brokerage house I would wind up working through once we got to that point.

Well, as I talked to my banker, I was told that his day off is normally Tuesday which was the day I went in to the bank to talk to him.  To me, it was just another sign from God that this was the bank He wanted me at.  Normally this banker would not have been available on a Tuesday but here he was, opening up my account with his bank.  Truly a sign from God that this was the bank I was meant to open an account through.  

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