Chapter 7 – New Bible Study

I was invited to a Bible study by someone I knew from work.  I agreed to show up and see what it was all about as I was really looking to become involved with a local Bible study to help deepen my knowledge and understanding about the Bible.

So when I showed up, I introduced myself to all in attendance.  We actually started the evening with a praise session involving songs and hyms around their piano.  Then we stood with eyes closed and submitted our prayers and needs up to God as a group.  We ended this session with a closing prayer and moved into the kitchen.  We grabbed a beverage to drink and took a seat in their family room to begin the Bible study. 

Being that I was new there that night, I was asked if I had anything that I wanted to discuss or share with the group.  Well that opened the door to telling them all about the experiences I was having difficulty understanding or was elated at what had happened to me. 

To give you a brief summation of what was mentioned, I have listed them below:

  • my personal walk with God and how, with the help of God, I was able to go it alone, in the very beginning, with just God and no one else.
  • my experience with watching the movie, Daddy Day Care, one afternoon and having the TV, all on its own, change channels from what I was watching to the channel showing The 700 Club. In addition to that, as I began to listen to the show, the spokesperson on the show literally stated that it was “no accident that I had tuned in to their show that day”.  
  • my episodes of waking up in the middle of the night, tossing, turning, apprehensive, tense and crying. Feeling there was no help, that I was beyond all hope, only to have God talk to me Himself telling me to read His book, the Bible, that I had sitting on my end table for many months without having been opened.   
  • I mentioned about my trip to a Womens Conference (the Joyce Meyer’s Annual Womens Conference in 2007) that I had wanted to attend but felt I couldn’t afford only to find myself grabbing some clothes and getting in my car to attend it. Plus, I shared with them how I had experienced many, many miracles, works and wonders of God while there. God had a reason for me to attend that Conference and He made sure I got there, come hook or crook.  Amazing what God does when He needs you to do something for Him.  
  • I lightly touched on the revelation I experienced while working with a client helping him find a home to purchase to only find out later that he really couldn’t afford to purchase a home. However, he explained to me that he had been led by God to go out with me to see this home. We saw the home he was interested in.  No one was home as we viewed the home and we wound up praying in the home.  As we sat there, eyes shut, I was so overwhelmed by what I had experienced that I began to cry.  I felt beads of sweat flowing down my spine and a warm, almost feverish, sensation overcame me.  I was experiencing what is known as a REVELATION as I sat there in prayer with him.  It was life-changing.  Unless you go through it, you have no idea what I’m talking about.  This just happens to be something that could happen to you as you open yourself to your own personal walk with God.  
  • Someone there stated that they had a child who played with Max Lucado’s children and mentioned that this might be a “way in” to getting this book published as this seems to be a big stumbling block involved in the writing of this book. But, I will leave this in the hands of God as I do everything else and see where He leads me regarding this.
  • A few of the others there stated that they couldn’t wait til the book came out and others were encouraging me throughout the night about this and many other matters.

These are just a few of the experiences I had opened up about that night.  I felt very welcomed and accepted in this Bible Study group and was grateful that God had made available to me the invitation to attend.  I left that night feeling quite peaceful, calm and rested from having taken the time to attend.  Not only was I able to open my eyes and ears to other aspects of the Bible and my personal walk with God, but I was able to meet some wonderful fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. 


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