Chapter 9 – Surrendering

Great day.

Had some quiet and alone time this morning while hubby was out staining the deck. I used this time to be with God and have a private and personal talk with Him. I committed and surrendered my entire being to Him at that moment. I’ve been off again, on again with this, always faltering and falling back on the ways of the world. Now that I’m even documenting it here will hold me even more accountable to God about this.

After that moment, the day went by quite smoothly with no obstacles or frustrations of the world. In fact, it went so well that I was working on my websites that I have been working on and learning a new program known as Drupal. After a two hour chat with my host provider’s customer support yesterday helping me get through a rough spot, I was relieved to have learned yet something else new. I was so psyched that I stayed up til 3am working on the fix.  Then after having my time with God this morning, I proceeded to start right in on working further on these sites creating and setting them up.

GREAT day except for a call regarding the return of open house signs I used.  I always return these signs and put them away. But because I didn’t leave a note, and it was after hours when I dropped them off, they still showed me as having them out. I overreacted to this and just lost it.  Showed a bit of my worldly side which I’m not proud of but everyone eventually lets this part of them loose.  The poor girl on the other end.

If they had ever told me their proper procedure when returning these signs, I would have had no problem. I just don’t appreciate getting approached and confronted on something that was already addressed and tended to.

But then something amazing happened. My husband suggested we watch the last version of the Left Behind movies that I had taped for future viewing. Thank you God. I know it was you AND you used it to show me what I needed to see in order to follow through with what I just committed to this morning. All I can say, Lord, is please forgive me for having lost it earlier and help me to display more smiles and love over frowns and resentment! Then I realized, as I thought back to the way my day had started with God and had committed and surrendered my life to Him, I felt so bad about having reacted this way. And that’s just what it was …. reacting. I now realize that I have to ask God for further help on this area of my life. There is no reason for me to be this way, especially after I just committed and surrendered myself completely to Him. So sorry Lord. Help me with this!

It has been the Holy Spirit that has been there for me since I SURRENDERED TO HIM AND COMMITTED MY SELF TO HIM BACK ON THE 8TH! You have no idea how smoothly and positively things have been for me since then. He has given me business I didn’t seek and a change of attitude towards life that I haven’t had in almost 2 months to the day.

These are just a few of the matters that have had the hand of God on them since having surrendered to Him.  Seeking success in the secular world when you should be seeking success in the spiritual. The success in your secular work will come, My child. Do not concentrate on that. It shall happen and it will be from Me, not man.

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