Chapter 11 – Jacob and Wrestling Man

Had my morning Bible reading and devotion yesterday and, as I read the passage in Genesis about Jacob wrestling with the Man all night til dawn, it hit a nerve with me.  It was all about the Man keeping him up all night wrestling with him til dawn.  Then upon ceasing the wrestling, Jacob had a brief conversation with the Man, who would not tell him his actual name. Upon ending his experience with the Man, he got up with a limp in his left hip from the wrestling bout he had with the Man.

I can’t help but think that this passage screamed out at me because of what I had been encountering for probably close to 6 months now, if not longer.  I don’t know where this condition came from or why.  At first I thought it was because of me doing yoga and aerobic exercise (low impact) and that I had somehow injured my body without even knowing it. It not only affected my left hip where it was cracking like a knuckle whenever it wanted to … nothing needed to cause a flare up.  I would be standing there doing the dishes and next thing I know I have an encounter with this ailment.  My left hip was begging me to crack and didn’t feel better until that crack took place,  The actual cracking of my hip was very painful but the relief came after the cracking was completed.  Sometimes it would go non-stop.  No sooner would I have one episode of cracking of the hip bone than another would arise.  Of course, with each episode, it was more and more painful and it would zap my strength more and more.

I didn’t know what to do until finally, I just stood there and started praying to God. I remember saying, “OK, God.  Enough is enough.  BRING IT ON!!!! I know now that you have chosen me to share with you your persecution, your trials and tribulations and I am honored that you have chosen me to experience these things along with you.  Thank you for the priviledge and BRING IT ON!!!!  You conquered death and the grave so I can conquer this on your behalf.  BRING IT ON!!!!”  Then I would laugh it off.  My condition, pain and uncomfortableness began to disappear and, within the next 24 hours (if not less than 24 hours), my condition had improved.  The pain and cracking was gone.  I had been healed.  I began to thank God over and over and over again.  I had to document it here and received further confirmation as I read the passage in Genesis about Jacob.

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