Chapter 12 – Pleasantly Surprised

I met clients on time and, as we were walking the premises, the first thing out of my client’s mouth had to do with his new-found walk with the Lord. I was thrilled that he felt comfortable enough with me to open up to me about how it all came to be. I had worked with him months earlier when I was dealing with his brother and nothing had ever been mentioned about how he had found the Lord.

He proceeded to open up to me about his near death experience, recently, apparently due to stress in some way. He didn’t want to go into it and I didn’t push the issue. As we all know, when we are near death, we will almost always turn to God for help … even if we never did before. God, being as open and sympathetic as He is, is always willing to hear us out during these times and never, ever refuses to accept us, no matter what the situation which brings us to Him.

So, being the way I am, I was excited to hear all about his experience getting to know God. I was thrilled to hear that there was another new soul that had been saved and on their way to heaven. How glorious an event!  

My client needed encouragement to continue on the journey he began and God allowed me to be a tool to him for it.  God works through us in so many ways, I still find myself in awe whenever God uses me and puts me in a position to play an important part in someone else’s journey with or to God.  

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