Chapter 8 – God’s Agenda

I’m here now to talk about the fact that I spilled coffee all over my computer recently and have been trying to get it back up and running but have not been successful even though God has told me time and time again that it would be running when I returned home. Excited about this news, I couldn’t wait to get home but, alas, it was not so.

I’m still trying to get it back up and running and it is just not happening. So, during the interim, I spent all day yesterday trying to find a computer to purchase. Thought I was good to go when I had checked out a Big Lots ad I saw where I could’ve gotten one for $80 but they did not have it. Went from there over to Target and took a look but nothing. Then I went to Sam’s Club which is a wholesale house and nothing there that was in my budget either. I then decided to go home and, as I was driving home, I was prompted to stop on the way to an HHGregg store. I talked to God about it and said “Really? You want me to stop there even though you told me that my computer would be working when I got home?” So I said ok and proceeded in to the store. One thing led to another and I had a very nice salesman by the name of Matt that proceeded to help me. He explained the difference in some of the laptops and helped me understand what one could do and what would not do.

He then proceeded to have me apply for their credit card. And, before it was all over, I had qualified for a Line of Credit to cover my purchase. Then, I got cold feet and told him I had to think about it further. So I went home and began to look online at to see what was out there. I worked on that for a few hours til my husband got home and I proceeded to tell him about all I had gone through. Then he told me to go back to HHGregg’s and get it there since I had a Line of Equity credit account there and he told me to get a more expensive one than what I was looking for. So I went back and began the whole process over. When all was agreed to, the salesman proceeded to input it all into his system only to find out that the Line of Equity they gave me did not allow purchases of computers so he hooked me up with another rep there to go over another payment plan. I had called Matt before showing up the second time to make sure I didn’t need to bring any money with me. But, this guy that I was introduced to for another payment plan was going to need an upfront payment, even though I had been told point blank that I did not need to bring any money with me …. and they didn’t accept checks which was what I was going to purchase it with initially which was what prompted all this other hoopla about opening up a credit card with them to purchase this computer.

Well, obviously, God did not want me to do this and I felt that I had just wasted my entire afternoon going through all I did to find and purchase my needed computer. So I went home and proceeded to use my husband’s computer and began to research and look for a computer I could purchase within my budget. I finally found one and ordered it. It was supposed to be shipped in 24 hours and the shipping was free. But I did all this on a Saturday so everything, of course, was put off for a longer period of time than I had anticipated. So here I sit waiting to receive the computer I bought through Amazon which is now supposed to be delivered in the next 4 days so I am still without a computer and now I need to do my work when my husband is not working so I can use his computer.

Just another sign that I am to devote my time to the needed housework which has been driving me crazy since I haven’t been able to get to it. So God is definitely working within my life as He always does. Thank you God for freeing up my schedule in such a way that I can get caught up with the housework and then be able to maintain it. You are a wonderful God and you always know the best agenda for me.  I am so glad that you are finding ways to get me to do what you need me to do.

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