Yes, I said that right. I have been instructed from God to write this book. That instruction came some years ago and I just ignored the prompting thinking it was crazy to even think I could write a book, let alone a book that God expressly requested I write.

I mean really? Seriously, what can I possibly write about? That was the question I posed to God and I was dead serious as to that question. Well, I never expected to hear back from Him on this but guess what? He did answer me. He told me to write about my personal experiences and encounters I had had throughout my life and how He had either influenced them or applied His Divine Intervention into or upon them. You’ll get a personal, upfront view of everything God has done for me, with me, or to me as you read on in this book.

I wrote this book because God made me see that this type of book is needed, especially in today’s world. He wanted me to use my personal experiences with Him to help others out there that are seeking guidance, help, instruction and direction with what they are going through or with what they are experiencing.

Thus this book was created. And I have to tell you, it’s the best thing that I could have ever done in my life. Not only did it help to write down the experiences I experienced as I experienced them but it also gave me a keener awareness of the effects of God in my life. I began to open my eyes and my heart to the way of God and have only grown stronger and more devoted to Him as time went by and as every experience took place.  This will happen to you as well.

When God wants something from you, He doesn’t quit until He gets what He wants. Well that is exactly what happened here. He just wouldn’t let it go … even though I was more than ready to let it go. I couldn’t see how He could possibly expect me to write a book. Me! Someone who had never written a thing in her life, except for that personal biography I had to do when I was back in grade school. That was the only writing I had ever done.

So, for what it’s worth, please feel free to read the following chapters as time permits. Some chapters may be shorter than others but that’s because I am writing and testifying to how God has become a part of my life …. each and every moment of my life, as it happens. Not only that, but as I write, I realize just how important He is to me and in my life. I want what I can proclaim here to affect others out there in a way that helps them through their own stumbling blocks and obstacles and to give them that ray of hope that “this too in time shall pass”.

I have to say that this has been a learning experience and I have not regretted one moment of my travels with Him. He’s opened my eyes to just how wonderful He is and I’m hoping that you will feel that way as well. He will have an affect on your life and I can only hope and believe that what is said in this book will cause anyone reading this to have the needed changes in their lives that they need.

Hope you enjoy my stories and my personal testimonials to God and how He has affected my life in a very positive way since I began to write this book and He continues to amaze me with all He does for me.  This can happen to you as well.  Take it from someone that has experienced already to know it!

NOTE:  Until I get the entire book uploaded here, kindly refer to the tabs at the top of the page for the remaining chapters available at this time or view the first three chapters listed below, whichever is easier for you. And then, be sure to come back from time to time to see the additional pages I have added to this book.  Thanks for your understanding.